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Oasis programs are now online and outdoors!

We’re so excited to announce that we have added several outdoor walks, hikes, and tours to the list of programs we’re offering you this spring. Now, you can participate in quality programs online and also join us in person for an outdoor walk, hike, or tour. To view online programs and outdoor adventures, click here.
Got questions? Call 314.862.4859, ext. 24 for more information.

Get to know Oasis

Oasis is one of the nation’s leading providers of programming older adults seek to continue learning, engage socially and improve health and wellness behaviors. For nearly 40 years, Oasis has used a three-fold approach that experts agree makes getting older stimulating and more productive:

  • Lifelong Learning
  • Active Lifestyles
  • Volunteer Engagement

A pioneer in healthy aging, Oasis is committed to enriching the lives of older adults by offering innovative programs to satisfy curiosity and expand interests. Oasis understands and meets the diverse needs of the aging population.

Oasis expands programs

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That’s right! Now, not only can you meet us online for amazing virtual programs, but you can also meet us in person for walks, hikes and tours in the great outdoors. We have a host of trails on the greenway for you to explore as well as a number of interesting sights you’ll discover while participating in our outdoor adventures. To learn more, click here or call 314.862.4859, ext. 24.

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Oasis in the News

Answering the call article

Community News article published April 7, 2021

Feature Program:
Age of the Vikings

Image of a Viking boat in the ocean

This presentation will explore the history of the Norsemen from their humble beginnings in Scandinavia to the legacy they left Europe and the world. Learn about their culture, government, religion, and how Viking commerce and exploration were as important to the Norse as were raiding and conquest. Although, it was the latter activities that led the English to write the prayer, “From the fury of the Norsemen, deliver us O Lord.”

Class Date: 04-27-2021
Day(s) of the week: Tuesday
Time: 1:00 PM → 2:00 PM
Instructor: Andrew Michael Cooperman

Class Fee: $10

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2020 United Way Partner

St. Louis Oasis is proud to be a part of the United Way’s strong network of nonprofits and to also be a part of this year’s campaign. We truly believe that together, we are stronger. Together, we are all United. Watch United Way’s 2020 campaign video at #WeAreAllUnited #United4STL

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Insurance Counseling

Medicare Questions and Counseling

Do you have questions about Medicare or the Health Insurance Marketplace? Oasis offers Medicare Counseling in four BJC Hospital locations. Learn more.

Inclement Weather

Severe weather policy

When classes are cancelled due to unsafe weather conditions, this information will be listed on Fox 2 News and KPLR News 11, as well as the St. Louis Oasis voicemail, website and Facebook page.