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“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time;
they have the heart.”
 – Elizabeth Andrew

As Oasis celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, we want to point out that our organization wouldn’t be here today if it were not for volunteers. When Marylen Mann began building Oasis in the early eighties, there were unpaid supporters of the mission who worked tirelessly to ensure her vision became a reality. As Oasis expanded geographically and programmatically, the work of volunteers stood firm as supporting pillars to our foundation—the unseen heroes. Today, Oasis volunteers continue to serve as the mortar to our bricks across the country, providing more than 13.7 million hours of service to local communities.

As Oasis continues to operate post-pandemic, like so many other organizations, we reemerge with needs greater than those of our pre-pandemic status. Much has changed over two years of living in a world where we could not physically be together. But we are ready to reengage! We need our volunteers back!

Ready to Reengage?

Feeling like a cicada, emerging from a two-year hibernation, and wondering what the world looks like again? We get it, and we got you. Oasis is well known for our Intergenerational Tutoring program, but there are many more ways to volunteer!

Do you like to write? We’re looking for volunteers to write blogs about topics you care about. We’re looking for volunteers to write content for Oasis’ website and/or social media posts. We’re looking for volunteers to interview other volunteers, instructors and participants and write up spotlight pieces for Oasis.

Do you like talking with others, solving problems, and using a computer? We’re looking for volunteers to help Oasis participants register for classes and manage customer service questions.

Do you like chatting with others and attending Oasis classes for free? We’re looking for volunteers to manage class rosters, greet participants and introduce instructors at program locations. You can enjoy your class for free!

Do you like to help people navigate a complicated healthcare system? We’re looking for volunteers to become trained as a CLAIM Medicare counselor to help people understand and sign up for the best health insurance plan for them.

Do you like to help people learn to use the internet and technology? We’re looking for volunteers to teach classes about using PCs, Windows, Android devices, iOS devices and the internet. Instructional materials are provided.

Do you love working with children? Become an Oasis tutor!

Interested in a paid opportunity! We are seeking Matter of Balance Facilitators and offer free training. Passionate about health? Are you a natural leader? We’re looking for people to become trained as Health Facilitators to lead Matter of Balance workshops in the community. This is a per diem job paying $13/hour.

To learn more, contact Amy Neuman at or 314-862-4859 ext 23