Honor Our Visionary Founder Through the Marylen Mann Leadership Circle

Join the Marylen Mann Leadership Circle and celebrate 40 years of impact. Help us forge a path into the future to support aging with strength, connection, and purpose.

Your donation will support three critical areas of need:

  • Intergenerational Tutoring for At-Risk K-3 readers
  • Workforce Development Through Technology Literacy
  • Free classes in communities of need including wide-ranging health and wellness and lifelong learning programs

Giving Levels

$1,500 Sustainer

$2,500 Protector

$5,000 Pioneer

$10,000 Connector

$25,000 Visionary

$50,000+ Trailblazer

Benefits include…

  • Invitation to the exclusive Marylen Mann Leadership Circle Annual Gratitude Celebration
  • A subscription to our insider newsletter

  • Invitations to special events and classes

  • Recognition in the Oasis Annual Report, on the Oasis website, and in the catalog

View our full case for support below

BTF Case layout cover


$25,000+ Visionary
John & Mary Ann Danahy
Dick Miles & Pat Whitaker

Dr. Patrick & Libby White

$10,000–$24,999 Connector
Cynthia Brinkley
Frank Chance
Marylen Mann & Frank Jacobs

Henry & Susan Warshaw

$5,000–$9,999 Pioneer
Susan Goldberg
Dorothy & Melvyn Lefkowitz
Jerome & Barbara Pratter
Maryann Tebbe

$2,500–$4,999 Protector
Deb Hollingsworth & Mark Stayce
Clemence S. Leiber Foundation

$1,500–$2,499 Sustainer
Larry & Karen Goering
Mahendra Gupta & Sunita Garg
Dr. Katie Henderson
Dr. Ira & Barb Kodner
Bonnie Mann
Nancy Novack
Karen Priest
Tamara Jo Rhomberg
Stephanie Riven
Susan & David Sherman
Lorna M. Wiggins
Cynthia & Thomas Woolsey

For more information or with questions contact Jo Flannery at jflannery@oasisnet.org or (314) 687-1121.