Seeking Instructors

St. Louis Oasis is currently seeking individuals interested in providing classes and workshops that enhance the quality of life for older adults in our community. If you have a passion and are interested in sharing it with others, this could be a great fit for you! Some areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

Art History


  • World History
  • American History
  • Local History

Science & Technology

  • Introductions to new technology topics
  • Medical science, biological science, etc.

Physical Fitness & Dance


DIY & Practical Topics

Film & Music



  • Walking Tours
  • Travelogues of architecture around the world

World Religions

Current Events

  • Regular panel speakers
  • Roundtable leaders


Older Adult woman holding a microphone and presenting in front of other older adults

Oasis is an absolutely wonderful organization for members and instructors. It’s so important for all of us to have opportunities to learn, connect with others, and take advantage of the marvelous artistic and cultural attractions in our community. I can think of no other organization that provides a more robust set of such opportunities than Oasis!

Timothy Bono, PhD

Individuals interested in becoming an Independent Contract Instructor or volunteer with St. Louis Oasis, please contact Marissa Sandbothe at