Woman sitting in a library with a little reading a book to her

Interested in becoming an Oasis Tutor?

Help a child today, for a better tomorrow. Share your love of reading as an Oasis tutor. You can change a life by providing the individual attention that helps children build confidence and experience success. Oasis works in partnership with school districts to pair volunteer tutors with children in grades K-3 who teachers feel would benefit from a caring, one-on-one mentoring relationship.

You can choose from one of our participating school districts in the greater St. Louis area. You’ll work with the same child each week throughout the school year. Training is provided. You can tutor one child or several, on a one-on-one basis each week throughout the school year. Other volunteer opportunities to support the tutoring program are available.

One child, one tutor, one school year. Two lives forever changed.

If you are interested in tutoring a child, please complete the form below