Explore our educational theme, “Sinners and Saints” this fall and meet local “saints” who are saving using such disparate means as peanut butter and menstrual pads. Learn about some of history’s most famous “sinners” like Vlad the Impaler, Elizabeth Bathory and Lizzie Borden.


• Dante’s Inferno
• Medieval Art
• True Tales of Evil: Elizabeth Bathory and Vlad the Impaler
• The Underground Railroad and Slave Burial Sites
• Andrew Jackson: Saint or Sinner?
• Benedict Arnold
• Secrets of J. Edgar Hoover
• New Look at the World’s Oldest Profession
• Three Women: The Treacherous, the Bold and the Brilliant
• Spies, Couriers, Saboteurs … of Civil War Missouri
• Mother Teresa
• Lizzie Borden
• Saving Lives with Peanut Butter
• Dignity Period
• The Willow Project
• Spirituality for the Second Half of Live
• What Makes a Sinner or Saint?
• Sinful Tehobroma: Bissinger’s Chocolate Tour and Tasting
• Plants of the Bible
• Insects and Other Invertebrates in the Garden – tour and picnic lunch


Registration begins August 24!

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