St. Louis Oasis is partnering with AgeSmart to expand our footprint to Illinois!

We did it! 🎉 St. Louis Oasis is partnering with AgeSmart to expand our footprint to Illinois. Our new location in O’Fallon, IL celebrated its grand opening last Friday, April 14 and the turnout was fantastic! Thank you to everyone who came to learn more about Oasis—we’re thrilled to engage with the community and partner with AgeSmart! Check out the lineup of AgeSmart Oasis classes at

St. Louis Oasis Opens New Center in O’Fallon, Illinois at AgeSmart

St. Louis Oasis is partnering with AgeSmart to expand its footprint to Illinois. AgeSmart and Oasis celebrated its grand opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday, April 14 at its new location within AgeSmart at 801 W. State Street, in O’Fallon, followed by a housewarming event where members of the community enjoyed refreshments, activities, program demonstrations and overviews, and signed up for classes. Oasis is thrilled to be partnering with AgeSmart and engaging with the Metro East community!

Oasis seeks to provide a means of intellectual stimulation and social connection through interactive courses and volunteer opportunities. Since 1982, Oasis has served over 587,000 older adults with more than 7,600 lifelong learning classes. More than 3,500 health classes are offered nationwide each year. Classes range in a variety of topics, from art and history to pop culture, fitness, current events, science, and technology/digital literacy skills, with new courses continually added to the roster. Evidence-based programs include fall prevention, chronic disease self–management, and peer-led discussion groups. Oasis also provides exercise, nutrition, healthy living, and wellness classes.

More than 6,200 adults volunteer through Oasis each year and have provided a combined 13.7 million volunteer hours, worth more than $400 million since 1982. The organization’s largest program, Oasis Intergenerational Tutoring, connects retired individuals with opportunities to serve as literacy tutors in school districts across the country, and has supported more than 525,000 K-12 students who struggle with reading comprehension skills.

Oasis Connections, the organization’s award-winning technology training program, has offered over 25,000 classes since 2000. The program is designed specifically for older adult learners and taught by fellow older adults, with over 30 courses covering a wide range of basic to intermediate skills on mobile devices, PCs and education on cyber security.

Launched in 2020, Oasis Everywhere is the newest program addition, offering virtual classes via Zoom from Oasis centers across the country led by top instructors and subject matter experts. Oasis Everywhere Virtual Learning to date has reached 153 communities with 11,547 participants and the program continues to grow.

“The many classes I have taken and continue to take have broadened my knowledge of local and international affairs, deepened my knowledge of favorite subjects, and helped me form new friendships,” reports Oasis Everywhere user Louis Evangelista. “Oasis is my wellspring of expanded knowledge and social contact, both in person and on Zoom, which proved especially important and significant during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Another user reported increased health benefits after their participation in one of Oasis’ popular exercise classes.

“For two years, I’ve been taking Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention, taught by Craig Miller, on Zoom through Oasis Everywhere,” writes Kathy Elliott. “The beginning and intermediate classes have improved my leg strength, balance, and posture tremendously. These health benefits became crystal clear following a recent total hip replacement surgery when I amazed my nurses and physical therapist with how quickly I recovered. After only three weeks, I am now able to walk unaided with strength and stability and return to regular activities.”

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