Health Seminars

Oasis one-session health seminars are a great way to get new, up-to-date information on health topics. Each topic is 1.5 to 2 hours long, and is presented by health professionals. Topics are educational, interactive, and are a great way to engage, improve, and maintain your health.

Below is a list of current health related topics offered. Once you have completed a seminar, why not sign-up for a workshop?

Topic List

  • Fit for Function
  • Fighting Fatigue
  • Free From Falls
  • Osteoporosis Do’s and Don’ts of Everyday Movement
  • Standing Tall-Tips for Improving Your Posture
  • Medication Navigation: What’s New in Diabetes Management
  • Aging in Place While Aging With Grace
  • All About Artificial Sweeteners
  • The More You Know, the Less You Go!
  • Stress Elimination
  • Pump It Up to Beat Cardiovascular Disease
  • How to become a Highly Motivated Diabetic?
  • Range of Motion Dance
  • The Hidden Truth About Pain
  • Strike the Right Balance
  • Kick the Achiness of Arthritis
  • Dietary Supplements

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