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Registration is now open for fall classes! You can peruse stimulating programs featured in the Oasis Fall 2020 Mini-Catalog, take advantage of NEW LOW PRICES, and register for your favorite classes. Join the Oasis community online and start your virtual lifelong adventures today.

Take a look at what you can expect….and so much more!

ROM Dance


Painless Music Theory and Improvisation

George Washington: Child of Destiny

Introduction to Architecture

Titian: Master of the Venetian School

Medication Matters

Critical Thinking and Media Literacy

The Genealogical Adam & Eve

1849: The Year that Nearly Broke St. Louis

George Washington: “First in War”

Free From Falls

The New York City Draft Riots, July 1863

Dorothea Lange: Democracy’s Photographer

Register HERE or call 314.862.4859, ext. 24. Keep learning, be safe and stay connected.

Virtual Catalog 2020
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