Hello, Oasis family, Joan H. here.

Joan Kelly HornDuring these strange, scary and isolating days, Oasis is trying to maintain contact with all of us. Specifically, they want to keep us informed, inspired and encouraged during these challenging times. With that in mind, they have asked some of us to contribute a few words about our involvement with Oasis and what that has meant to us.

Although I had a few occasions to work with Oasis over the years, it has been just recently that I have been able to do anything on a regular basis. I stopped working just a year ago and although that work was part time, it did not allow for as many volunteer opportunities as now.

In anticipation of this change in my life among other possible activities, I looked to my old friend Oasis. I have been and continue to be impressed by what Oasis does, after nearly 40 years! Just a glance at their catalog gives some idea of the variety and scope of their programs and venues. So, a year and a half ago or so, anticipating my additional free time, I picked up one of these amazing catalogs. I saw many attractive offerings and the one I started with was the Clayton Women’s Roundtable. At that time, this discussion group was in the very capable hands of Terri K., who facilitated the discussion and arranged for occasional guest speakers. When Terri was required to relinquish this class, she approached me to see if I was interested in stepping in. I agreed, on the condition that I would have a co-facilitator. We approached the very knowledgeable and well-traveled Sydney L. and she agreed to help.

It has been such a pleasure visiting with the amazing women in this class twice a month and getting to know them, their backgrounds, their opinions. And don’t worry, ladies, what’s said at the Roundtable stays at the Roundtable. Full disclosure, the table is actually square. At the Roundtable we discuss a wide variety of timely and important topics. The news these days flows from the proverbial fire hose—it is hard to keep up and we were never at a loss for topics and opinions.

Like all of us, I hope that this total shutdown will be over sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, the projections for this virus, based on the science and recent history in other countries does not bode well for that outcome. We will all have to be patient and kind to ourselves and others. As I am writing this, I am grateful to see the sun. As you read, it may be gone again as the forecast for the next few days is not promising. My daffodils and hyacinths are cheering me up. Time for that walk in the sunshine—staying 6 feet away from anyone else, of course.

Take care all,


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