Blog post by Marc Brown, July 2021

What’s Your Motivation?

Healthy Living Active LifeTough times reveal who we REALLY are. It does not matter what comes out of our talker! When our actions line up with our words, then our beliefs and motivation are validated. I recall being denied four, count-em, FOUR times before I was approved for benefits for which I qualified as a veteran. I persevered, did the work, and prevailed! While I am no better or tougher than others, I just refused to quit. Whatever you do, do not QUIT. Motivation!

Robert Heinlein, an American novelist once said that “The instinct to survive is human nature itself.” He suggests that our very will to survive is often fueled by our motivations, whatever they may be i.e., self-interest, love of family, duty to country, etc.  I can absolutely relate, and perhaps, you can, too. I know for sure that my love for family motivates me to take care of – and dare I say IMPROVE – my physical, social, and emotional health. Hey, I want to be here a while, you know? Motivation!

That said, I am on my way to exercise. It’s cardio day for me, and I am motivated. I will reflect on all that is positive and on getting healthy. A thought…When someone tries to kill your spirit and destroy your motivation, give them an invitation to come up to where you are. (Superior Mindset) If they accept, awesome!  If they decline, do not force the issue. You may just need to give them time. However, do not allow their lack of motivation to stop you. Besides, who needs the extra baggage? I sure don’t. Just a few sayings that I live by. Maybe you can adopt them too.

Never spit in the wind. Never poke a bear. Never, EVER hunt what you can’t kill. But, no matter the circumstance, stay motivated to live, learn, laugh and love!