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Are you a Humana Healthcare Member?

To receive $80 towards St. Louis Oasis & Oasis Everywhere classes as a benefit of Humana’s healthcare plan call:


St. Louis Oasis Classes are now a Humana Benefit!

St. Louis Oasis is teaming up with Humana Inc. to offer Humana members a health benefit designed to increase cognitive and physiological health in adults.

Humana Medicare Advantage HMO and LPPO members on plans H0028-14 and H5216-033-002 in the St. Louis area and counties beyond, in Missouri and Illinois, will receive an $80 credit toward St. Louis Oasis online and *in-person programs and Oasis Everywhere virtual programs.

*Due to the increase and prevalence in COVID-19 numbers, Oasis is transitioning in-person programming to a virtual format for the month of January. The class dates and times will remain the same, we will just meet via Zoom rather than in-person. If you don’t have the ability to participate virtually, please reach out to jsimone@oasisnet.org or call 314-485-4320.

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