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Linda Schumacher

Hi! My name is Linda Schumacher, M.A.Ed. Washington University, and I am a former advertising administrator who produced radio and TV commercials and managed a cross-platform computer network for more than 20 years at Schupp Company. Over a 45-year career span, I also headed a local film and audio production company, managed production for an interactive cable system, and worked for KETC-TV, the local PBS station in St. Louis. I am married to a retired cinematographer, and we have two sons and two grandchildren.

My youngest son had a learning disability and benefited greatly from his Oasis tutor more than 25 years ago. My memory of the program and general awareness of Oasis, and its mission inspired me to first become a volunteer for Oasis through the tutoring program in 2019. I found the time with my student to be incredibly rewarding, and I looked forward to continuing. At the same time, I began answering phones and doing administrative volunteering for the St. Louis Oasis office and was recruited to teach some of the technology classes over Zoom. All of this allows me to interact with new people and gives some structure to my life in retirement.

Volunteering for Oasis is rewarding no matter what part you play in the organization. Making new friends, interacting with many different people, helping other older adults and working with children are rewarding in their own right- but also sharing those activities with other dedicated volunteers and Oasis team members compounds the rewards and pleasure. It has made my retirement more engaging and fulfilling than I ever imagined.

~Thank you, Linda! We truly appreciate your volunteerism, not to mention the time and expertise you freely give to supporting the St. Louis Oasis mission.

If you would like to learn more about how to become an Oasis volunteer, we encourage you to click the Volunteer Now button below or to call our office at 314.862.4859, ext. 24 for details. Please join us!

Linda Schumacher
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